Grammar instruction is making a comeback but in all the wrong ways. Let’s face it head-on and make it fun with 20 grammar activities to use in the classroom. But mastering the Latinate content of traditional grammar instruction has little to do with achieving this goal. Each of the four sources below can be used to teach grammar in context. The advantage is that by working around a theme students have many opportunities to find patterns and connections, experience attractive activities with varied content. This means always modeling proper grammar in your speech and writing. Teachers also need to adapt the language to the developmental level of the students and choose the activities to suit a variety of learning styles and multiple intelligences. Sadly, grammar is […] To be effective writers in school and to effectively communicate later in life when in the workplace, students need to use proper grammar. Subscribe to Teach Starter and access thousands of curriculum … 6) Dress up as grammar. Also, get your students reading as much as possible. 2. Teaching about the generic structure of a text is not enough. Teachers can point out various grammar elements while reading with their students in small groups. The purpose of learning grammar is to produce well-formed sentences. Teaching Grammar Rules Inductively. If you don't want your students to make errors in subject-verb agreement, don't make these errors yourself. Without good grammar, spoken or written words lose much of their meaning and most of their value. Good writers do a lot of reading. Grammar can bring groans and dismissive shrugs from students and teachers.There are so many strategies to teach grammar with some educators in the teaching grammar in connection with writing while others believe grammar should be taught in isolation. Let’s have a look at how it works. All educators agree that students are better writers when they have an understanding of grammar. For example, if the class is studying subject-verb agreement, the teacher can ask students to find examples of singular and plural subjects and verbs after they read a … But, what are the best methods for teaching grammar, normally thought of as a very boring topic? Teaching grammar to your students doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Teach grammar … This could be a thing that you do as the teacher for Halloween or a random Friday, but I think it would be fun to figure out a way for students to participate too. Make your classroom buzz! Grammar cannot be taught as a stand-alone teaching item. If you’re a primary-grades teacher like me, you want to give your students a solid introduction to grammar, AND you want to keep your grammar instruction engaging! He is the author of three books on teaching: Be a Writer, Be a Better Writer, and Reading Allowed. Students in the primary school need to be taught about ways in which language opens up ‘a repertoire of infinite possibilities’ as they compose increasing complex texts (Myhill, Lines and Watson, 2012, p. 30). Tips for Teaching Grammar to Elementary Students. Incorporate all skills. Grammar is a very important thing to get right, and teachers should take extra care to impart proper grammar to all their students. We start with specific examples such as sentences that all use a particular grammar point. The students then use these examples to come to their own conclusions about what the rule is. Teaching grammar is an essential part of school education or adult learning. Incorporate your target grammar in your reading, listening and writing activities to help reinforce your students’ understanding of its usage. Today is the first post in this series, and we’re going to explore best practices for teaching grammar. The game is crazy-fun, and students get so excited to play it that I now have to give a safety talk to students prior to every time we play. Kids also learn grammar while reading. Teach … Inductive teaching is a very useful tool when it comes to teaching grammar. Teachers adopt different methods to teach grammar which students are unaware of. So I’ve designed a series of blog posts to help you do just that.

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