By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. That’s right, my first tip doesn’t have anything to do with your story … Worth the many parts, Yes! ... November, and December winners of NoSleep’s monthly contest but also the Best Stories of 2016! I love your work so much. “I mean, we came all that way, … Link:, A man's life seems ruined when he discovers he's living it in shards. Slowly. The Ones That Will Shock the Sh*t Out of You: An Email From My Daughter's Killer by u/DoubleDoorBastard, Gurgles and Bugman by u/WontThinkStraight, I found a list I've never seen before in my kitchen. It's creepy. From 11:59pm EST on Monday, March 19th until 12:00am EST Wednesday, March 21st, the moderators will not be enforcing Nosleep's posting guidelines. A Package Marked 'Return to Sender' by u/manen_lyset, How to successfully ransom a child by u/Ezmisery, The Snowman Ritual by u/madethisfortaleden, The Orangutans Are Skeptical of Changes in their Cages by u/ZacharyAdams. Link:, 10. Link:, Another beauty by M59Gar. ** by missmia33, I'm not revealing anything about this. Nosleep Authors and Their Published Books. Loved it but it was bad in a good way. "My Flight Got Rescheduled Today" by nevent3, A woman's life is saved - but at what price? Aw! This is an out of character subreddit created for the Nosleep community. Link:, 12. "I've been trying to leave my bathroom for the past 30 minutes" by v0ids, The narrator is typing from their phone, stuck in a bathroom with no way of getting out. "Notes to the girl whose house I live in" by JJX2525, Creepy yet sad. We ask that if your post should be marked as such that you do so, but we will not be enforcing any such markings. Thank you so much for complimenting my list, and please, keep up the amazingly horrifying work!!! We will be removing any comments that contain slurs, threats, and the like. Absolute masterpiece, one of my fav stories on here. I found a list I've never seen before in my kitchen. In this sub, you’re able to read original horror stories by all kinds of people and interact with the OP, (Original Poster). Scary Reddit Stories – Best of r/nosleep, r/letsnotmeet and r/unsolvedmysteries. "My Best Friend Died in a School Shooting" by ChaosPrimed, A school shooting. I am entirely sure that there are more than these! Link:, 6. Skip this one if you love animals. Netflix has made a "low seven-figure" deal to acquire the screen rights to Matt Query's short horror story 'My Wife and I Bought a Ranch,' which was posted across six installments on Reddit. "I was a part of Queen's Guard in England - One of the rare jobs where you aren't allowed to move, no matter what stands in front of you." Just wanted to say I love your work! "I was born on a child farm" by IAmHowardMoxley, Fucking beautiful. beyond disturbing. Seriously though, ty for filtering the good stuff for us OP. Your stories never fail to shock me in the best/worst of ways, and I always get a chill of both dread and excitement down my spine when I see your username next to a Nosleep story. Borrasca should be on this list I think, it was such an amazing story with one of the best endings I've seen on this sub. Just absolutely a great story about a man born on a child farm, seeking escape. "The Little Melting Girl" by CynicHappy, A girl burnt from an accident makes a new friend. I loved the three main characters so much. The Best Of Reddit’s No Sleep Stories a subreddit for spooky tales There exists a place on the Internet where spooky stories come to live, breathe, and be interacted with. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Link:, 23. What are some of the best NoSleeps according to you? Link:, 26.