The primary role of these ships was to provide anti-air and anti missile defenses for the carrier task forces. Fletcher Class Destroyer Models, Custom Made USS, DD, Farragat Class Destroyer Boat Models. As fate would have it, 5 or 6 years later, in 1971 I was chasing Soviet subs in the Arctic Circle on a Farragut/Coontz class ship USS Dahlgren DLG-12. I saw that movie back when it first came out in the mid 60's. You can browse the ship models by scale or by type of ship. We custom build models to any scale or length. Farragut (Coontz) - class Guided Missile Destroyer . We also stock many accessory sets for these ship kits, including aircraft sets and photo-etched detailing sets by Eduard, White Ensign, Trumpeter, Toms Modelworks and more. Coontz Class Model offered. Various publications including some U.S. Navy publications refer to this class as the Coontz class. Commissioned as a guided missile frigate (DLG), the USS COONTZ was reclassified as guided missile destroyer (DDG) on June 30, 1975, changing its hullnumber from DLG 9 to DDG 40. I was 15/16 at the time. Photo taken of progress March 13 2005. USA histoty and characteristics Welcome to the model ships and model submarines section. The Destroyer Leader ( DLG ) class is more comparable in size to a World War II cruiser than a destroyer. Coontz class, Guided-Missile Destroyer, ships. The following is the results of some correspondence between White Ensign Models, Commander Series Models, our Chris Cummings and Brian Kroenung of the USS Coontz (DLG-9/DDG-40) concerning the development and offering of a Coontz class scale model. Motion Models - Destroyers ... To order this or any other model, ... Farragut Class. The Coontz class ships were the smallest DLG ships built by the US Navy and in 1975 when the navy change its ship type designations, these ships were reclassified as Guided Destroyers ( DDG-36) class. USS COONTZ was the fourth FARRAGUT - class guided missile destroyer and the second ship in the Navy named after Admiral Robert Edward Coontz. Features missile and gun armament. Commander Series Models, Inc, has started the production cycle for a 1/350 scale kit of a Coontz class DDG. We carry major brands such as Trumpeter, Tamiya, Dragon, Revell, Academy, Flyhawk, and more. Therefore, the proper name should be the Farragut class. The kit will be based on BuShips plans of the USS King DDG-41 circa 1983. The U.S. Navy has traditionally referred to a class by the name of the lowest hull numbered ship in the class. Niko Model model kit in scale 1:700, 7043 is a NEW tool released in 2012 | Contents, Previews, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Destroyer Farragut II-class Coontz Class Model Now Available. 1/700 Niko Model US Navy Destroyer Coontz DDG-40 Resin Model Kit 4200 ton fleet escorts; sometimes refrerred to as Farragut class. USS Coontz DDG-40, Niko Model 1:700 Scale, Built by Maurizio Chiaro - Here are some pictures of the USS Coontz DDG-40 (Farragut Class) in 1/700 scale by Niko Model, built by Maurizio Chiaro. At this moment the whale boat, and the starboard crew boat are not attached. Adults who have never before completed a model kit are advised to avoid kits of skill level 4 or 5 until they have gained modeling experience working with something less challenging.