Ficus microcarpa has a HPWRA (Hawai'i Pacific Weed Risk Assessment) score of 10 (High Risk). Recommended Add-Ons. While it is commonly mislabeled as Ficus retusa, that species refers to another plant not used in bonsai. Bonsai Pro Fertilizer 8 oz - $9.00 8 Quart Bonsai Soil - $13.00 Oct 27, 2016 - Explore Landscape Architect's board "Ficus microcarpa" on Pinterest. Current stock: 0. FICUS retusa. Native to Malaysia peninsula to Borneo. It is also sometimes listed as a cultivar of Ficus microcarpa var. It is sometimes grafted with branches of a smaller-leaved cultivar. In this article I will refer to it as Ficus microcarpa or the Chinese banyan. See more ideas about ficus microcarpa, ficus, plants. $16,885.00 ( 0 Reviews) ITEM CODE: ST2016FR BOTANICAL NAME: Ficus microcarpa AGE: 50 HEIGHT: 21"";CATEGORY-FILTER=SPECIMEN BONSAI -- Ficus Specimens. - Nombre científico o latino: Ficus retusa - Sinónimos: Ficus microcarpa, Ficus nitida - Nombre común o vulgar: Ficus de Indias, Laurel de Indias - Familia: - Moraceae (Moráceas). Family: Moraceae. Synonyms 12410 Foothill Blvd Unit U Sylmar, CA 91342. In this case “microcarpa” means “small fruit”, it is the singular form of “microcarpus” . Scientific: Ficus microcarpa (formerly known as F.retusa, F. nitida, and F. microcarpa nitida) Common: Indian laurel fig Family: Moraceae Origin: India, Malaysia Pronounciation: FII-cus my-crow-CAR-pa Hardiness zones Sunset 9, 13, 16-24 USDA 9-11. Ginseng Ficus is a cultivar used extensively in bonsai for its bulbous, thick roots reminiscent of ginseng that rise out of the ground. Ficus microcarpa can be distinguished from Ficus benjamina because it has less than ten, usually conspicuous leaf veins, more numerous aerial roots, and no long tip on the leaf. I used to think it meant small leaf because ficus macrocarpa has big leaves (it also has big fruit). - Origen: - Desde el sur y sureste de Asia hasta Australia; sur de China, Filipinas, Borneo, Malasia, etc. Anyway, back to the erroneous use of “ficus retusa” to describe the tiger bark fig. (818) 751-2690 Submitted by Evergreen Nursery on Thu, 08/27/2009 - 11:29am. In the tropical foliage trade the same tree is called Ficus nitida or microcarpa. crassifolia but these names have been synomized with Ficus microcarpa. Ficus Retusa - ST2016FR; Ficus Retusa - ST2016FR. crassifolia or Ficus retusa var. One of my favorite trees for indoor bonsai is the Chinese Banyan, scientific name is Ficus microcarpa.